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Job responsibilities:

1.Build strong relationships with customers,assess risk and transfer customer's demand, issue relevant reports, accompany customers to review and visit factories, etc.

2.Control the whole process of new product introduction, hold kick-off meeting,collect data, provide documents and improve the yield.

3.Control the process from NPI to mass production, including NPI data summary, establishing mass production process, hosting kick-off meeting, data sorting required by customers and controlling yield improvement after mass production.

4.Push to solve quality problems and improve the yield  in new product introduction and mass production stage, lift customer satisfaction.

5.intergrate and optimize system, such as map system, process system and yield system.

Job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering.

2.Process or process integration experience in Semiconductor industry is preferred, excellent fresh graduate is also available.

3.Experienced in dealing with customers with clear logic thinking.

4.Fluent oral and written English.

5.Good communication and coordination skills and ability to work under pressure.

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