Multi-die Integration Packaging Solution

SJSemi devotes to offer first-class Middle-End-Of-Line (MEOL) manufacturing and testing services and develops to provide the advanced 3D Multi-Die Integration technology and solutions.

Company profile

Founded in August 2014, SJSemi is the MEOL pure play foundry equipped with FEOL manufacturing and quality system.

Starting with the advanced 12-inch wafer bumping and testing, SJSemi aims to offer first-class MEOL wafer manufacturing and testing services and develop the advanced 3D Multi-Die Integration technology and solutions. With headquarter located in Jiangyin, China and branches in Shanghai and San Jose , SJSemi thrives to provide high quality one-stop advanced packaging service to worldwide IC design houses to enhance customer's competitiveness.

registered capital

SJSemi Established in 2014 with a registered capital of USD 830 million($)

Plant area

Headquartered in Jiangyin high tech Industrial Development Zone, China, it has a 35000 square meter purification workshop.

Technical team

With a professional engineering team, high-end automation equipment and systems to meet customer testing needs.


Quality policy

SJ Semiconductor is committed to being a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

At SJSemi, pursuing continuous improvement in quality, delivery, technology and services is what we preach and work every day.

We pride ourselves in building our culture, with quality as the most valued ingredient.

Through teamwork and attention to detail, ownership of quality is demanded and practiced by every SJSemi employee.

Together with our customers and vendors, in a partnership that builds strategic synergy upon quality, we will not just meet but to always exceed our customer's expectations.

System certification









Environment , Safety and Health Policy

SJSemi adheres to harmonious development and win-win cooperation, and provides intelligent, green and ecological product processing and services through all-round cooperation with industrial chain partners; At the same time, we emphasize environmental protection, safety and health, care for human resources and cherish natural resources. Every employee is a master of environmental protection, safety and hygiene. Through continuous improvement activities, we ensure the long-term sustainable development of our company's business, industrial ecology, social environment and natural ecology.

We commit ourselves to:

1. Abide by environmental protection, safety and health regulations and international conventions strictly to ensure full implementation within the company and meet customer requirements

2. Deepen safety production, people-oriented, improve employees' awareness of environmental protection, safety and health, eliminate hazard sources, and reduce and eliminate environmental protection, safety and health accidents.

3. Strengthen the prevention and control of accidents and the company's business continuity management, and make it clear that environmental protection, safety and health are the fundamental responsibility of the management.

4. Strengthen overall participation and safety measures to create a safe work condition for employees, make employees' physical and mental health, work, life, career and family can be coordinated and balanced

5. Continuously deepen the communication and cooperation with customers and suppliers, jointly improve the environmental protection, safety and health for the industrial chain, and meet the requirements of customers for green product manufacture.

SJSemi is born for China’s First Dedicated 12” Bumping Line to support industry advancement while proceeding for 3DIC.

Comparative competitive advantage by leveraging Front-end manufacturing and quality system as a pure play Middle-end Foundry.