Multi-die Integration Packaging Solution

SJSemi devotes to offer first-class Middle-End-Of-Line (MEOL) manufacturing and testing services and develops to provide the advanced 3D Multi-Die Integration technology and solutions.

Environment , Safety and Health Policy

SJSemi adheres to harmonious development and win-win cooperation, and provides intelligent, green and ecological product processing and services through all-round cooperation with supply chain partners; .At the same time, we emphasize environmental protection, safety and health care for human resources and cherish natural resources. Each employee is a owner of environmental protection, safety and hygiene. Through continuous improvement measures, we ensure the long-term sustainable development of our company's business, industrial ecology, social environment and natural ecology. To this end, we commit ourselves to:

1.Strictly abide by environmental protection, safety and health regulations and international conventions to ensure full implementation within the company and meet customers’ requirements.

2.Deepen safety and human-first concept in production. Improve employees' awareness of environmental protection, safety and health. Eliminate hazard sources to further reduce and eliminate ESH accidents.

3.Strengthen the prevention and control of accidents and the company's perpetual management, and stipulate that environmental protection, safety and health are the fundamental responsibility of the executive management.

4.Strengthen overall participation and safeguard measures to create a safe working environment for employees, to ensure employees' physical and mental health, with work, life, career and family been coordinated and balanced.

5.Keep fostering the communication and cooperation with customers and suppliers, to get united to improve the ESH standard throughout the supply chain, to comply with the requirements of customers for green product manufacturing.