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Job responsibilities:

1.Collect new product information from customers, complete new product introduction with good quality and ensure shipment.

2.Verify the capability of probe card and buy off new card/machine on time.

3.Guarantee the correctness of test procedures and data, write and submit product-related IT request and system optimization to ensure the development of system functions meets the expected results.

4.Coordinate to deal with manufacturing problems timely and provide analysis reports.

5.Support lot disposition and problem solving, provide yield report according to customer requirements, and capture relevant analysis data.

6.Complete weekly and monthly reports,organize product test KPI weekly and monthly, complete internal and customer reports .

Job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, circuit or related.

2.At least 3 years experience in testing in semiconductor industry. Excellent graduates are also welcome.

3.Good English.

4.Strong teamwork and independent working ability, good executive and interpersonal skills.

5.Good ability to work under pressure.

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