Multi-die Integration Packaging Solution

SJSemi devotes to offer first-class Middle-End-Of-Line (MEOL) manufacturing and testing services and develops to provide the advanced 3D Multi-Die Integration technology and solutions.


SJSemi Board Meeting Held Successfully

      The new generation of SJSemi board first meeting was held successfully in Jiangyin, China on Jun 29,2021 . SJSEMI, the first company of 300mm MEOL (Middle-End-Of-Line) foundry specializing on advanced Bumping and wafer level packaging in Jiangyin, China, Xiaoning Fan, Chengzhou Liao, Wei Yu and Liu Yang attended the meeting which hosted by Chairman and CEO Dong Cui.


SJSemi Group photo of on-site members of the board of directors

This is the first board meeting after tranfering of shares from SMIC and JCET completely.The successful meeting means a new beginning of journey of development based on historic and perfect achievement.