Multi-die Integration Packaging Solution

SJSemi devotes to offer first-class Middle-End-Of-Line (MEOL) manufacturing and testing services and develops to provide the advanced 3D Multi-Die Integration technology and solutions.


SJSemi Donate RMB 1 Million for the Prevention of COVID-19

SJ Semiconductor (Jiangyin) Corporation decided to donate $1 million to the Jiangyin Charity federation with the support of the board.80% of them will be used to support Hubei Province COVID-19 headquarters which leads the prevention of COVID-19 and takes charge of people treatment . It is also responsible for medical staff safety who work at the frontline. Another 20% of donation will be used to help JiangYing COVID-19 headquarters.

SJSemi carried out the policies and requirements of governments and took all effective measures to ensure that all employees are safe and healthy since COVID-19 happened .The company has renew all production with the support of government and employees.

The healthy and safe environment is the basic guarantee for enterprise operation and development . We hope to fight shoulder-to-shoulder against COVID-19 through the donataion. All SJSemi employees seriously believe that we will achieve a resounding victory under the direction and leadership of the government .we show our respect for all medical staff who work in the frontlint.