Multi-die Integration Packaging Solution

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Keep Vitality & Keep Green

In recent years, the whole society has paid great attention to the construction of environmental and ecological civilization, and more and more people have a strong recognization of environmental protection. Pollution prevention and controling, strenthening the protection and restoration of ecosystem seem to be far away from us, but actually they are closely related. On November 2, SJSEMI organized a hike activity with the theme of environmental protection in order to publicize the concept of environmental protection and spread a positive and healthy life style.


Keep Vitality & Keep Green which means hiking while cleaning up the discards in Dingshan. Dingshan is a primitive, mysterious and untended forest which located in east of Jiangyin. It is U-shaped which turns from west Yangtoushan to east and north, and then turns back to west to connect with Yushan. And together with the newly developed bay of Yushan, Dingshan is surrounded by three mountains with a river flowing through.

At 8:00 a.m., the participants with white T-shirts assembled and took the garbage clips and bags from company. Many of them were companied with families, and they were all energetic. The purpose of them is to enrich their life as well as make a habit of environmental protection among their children. Ms Cheng, the chairperson of this activity, also briefed about the route and emphasized the importance of safety before departure.


The breeze blew all the way. A beautiful scenery was held between the vast team and their good mental outlook.


They laughed, expressed and enjoyed while picking up the garbage all the way.

In the past, people always felt superior about public service. But now, we are aware of the environmental protection through these lively activities, and which can also make public service more closely and normalized. Such warm scenes were all recorded.


Although children were very curious about these strange tools, they “worked” hard all the time.


The garbage bags were almost full on the half way. Therefore, someone who exhausted began to sort out the tools and went down first to throw these “harvest” into the trash bin at the foot of the mountain. Others continued to move on to have a bird’s eye view at the top of Yushan.


successful ascent


All the participants received a customized reusable bags as a souvenir when back to the assembly point.


To deeply integrate the concept of environmental protection into our life, to be the delivery of nature and public service, to convey the green lifestyle to more people. Protecting the environment is not only the work of sanitary workers, but also the responsibilities of everyone. SJSEMI will continue to appeal, practice and contribute social responsibilities for public service.