Multi-die Integration Packaging Solution

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SJSemi rolls out SmartAiPTM to foster the advent of ultra-wideband 5G mm-Wave era.

      JiangYin, China, March 19, 2019, SJ Semiconductor Corp. (SJSemi) unveiled the world’s first 5G mm-Wave ultra-wideband dual polarization AiP package technology–SmartAiPTM.

      The SmartAiPTM realizes the dream characteristics for the 5G mm-Wave. Its ultra-wideband works from 24GHz to 43 GHz. Its 12.5 dB ultra-high gain is about 4 folds of the existing solutions. Besides, it has handset friendly form factor with less than 1 mm thickness, and still roomy for RFFE module integration and good at heat dissipation. 

      Along with the outstanding designed antenna and transceiver provided by Speed Wireless Technology Co., Ltd, the SmartAiPTM shows its low power loss advantage by providing the pivot 24 GHz to 43 GHz ultra-wideband solution to overcome various 5G mm-Wave spectrum reserved by different countries worldwide. The rollout of the SmartAiPTM will close the gap of the integration of the antenna , RFFE module and transceiver to foster the commercialization of the 5G mm-Wave. This marks the crucial contribution from the advanced package industry by its novel process and package structure inventions for the 5G mm-Wave in light of the post Moore’s law era.

      Alan Lin, senior director of R&D , SJSemi, said, “ SJSemi's  novel, patented SmartAiPTM technology enables 3D integration of the active and passives devices. This 3D integration leads to lower power delivery loss and higher performance per watt. Its key enabling technologies comprise of ultra-high Cu vertical interconnect, multi-layer double sided fine pitch RDLs, wafer-level multi-layer precise aligned antennas, flip-chip and SMT. These technologies empower the fully integration of the 5G antennas, RFFE modules and transceivers within a small form factor in less than 1mm thickness. SmartAiPTM’s low power consumption, slim form factor and high gain are tailor fits to the 5G mm-Wave handsets besides the HVM proven wafer fab streamline and its simplified supply chain compared to current solutions on the market."

      Dong Cui, CEO of SJSemi, said, " 3D-IC is one of the main focus on SJSemi's technology roadmap from the beginning. SmartAiPTM is derived from SJSemi's 3D-SiP platform-SmartPoserTM which SJSemi has invented, developed for years and applied to the 5G mm-Wave market for the first time. Its unprecedented and encouraging performance paves the way to further into 3D-IC technology for the SJSemi. Based on this superior SmartAiPTM technology, SJSemi will co-work with partners to accelerate and capitalize the application of the 5G mm-Wave. SJSemi will be at full steam to prepare for high volume production to meet the ever growing market demands from the 5G mm-Wave. "